Templates for Card Making

Templates are inexpensive tools, they’ll last for ages and they’re so versatile. They’re also easy to use.

Templates come in a couple of different styles. Some are for tracing with a pen, others are for tracing the shape and then cutting it out.

Tracing with a pen

Simply place the template onto your paper, and trace the shapes or patterns with a fine-tip pen. You could also trace the pattern with a pencil, then go over it with a pen later.

scrapbook project
scrapbook project

Tracing and cutting

Place the template on the back side of your paper and trace with a pencil. Remove the template, then cut out the shape. Tip: Most plastic templates are not meant to be used with a cutting knife—always be sure to remove the template before cutting to avoid damaging the template.

scrapbook project
scrapbook project

What else can you do with a template?

The standard practice is to simply trace the image and cut it out. But you can also use templates for other techniques:

  • Create a unique cut edge by tracing a shape onto the edge of a card or pocket
  • Trace the design (a large swirl, a parenthesis, a flower, etc.) on the front of your paper. Go over the line with a stitched design or a broken line connected with dots using an opaque pen. Cut out the shape about ⅛” - 1/16” away from the drawn line to preserve the outline.
  • Use the shape to journal a greeting on a card, following the curves and angles of the shape (around the outside of a flower shape—or fill the inside with a greeting; follow the angles of a square or geometric shape with writing, etc.).
  • Use a design to create a unique window in a card—a flower or tag shape, for instance. Then add the same shape in a coordinating paper behind the window, inside the card.
  • If you like paper piercing, use the templates for patterns to pierce. Lightly pencil in the outline, then pierce holes along that penciled line. Erase it when you’re finished.
  • To help you think beyond the “normal” template ideas, trace the design onto paper and start playing with it. Add other images, look at embellishments that might dress it up, or look at your tools to see if they would help turn the shape into something unique and special for your project.


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