Let your heart Soar
By: Susan Cobb

scrapbook project   scrapbook project
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scrapbook project
Susan Cobb

Susan's Tip
: Here’s an easy technique for a shaped cutaway card—I trimmed 1” from the opening edge of the card front, then placed the feather Papier Tole embellishment to extend a bit over the edge. This creates a pretty detailed edge without having to do a lot of fancy cutting.



  1. Place your card with the fold at the left. Trim 1” from the right side of the card front only. Cover the remaining card front with Fancy Feathers purple/pink/blue feathers and swirls corner paper, with some large feathers and narrow feather border on the card.
  2. Press out the large feather Papier Tole embellishment pieces. Layer the pieces together with foam tape according to number, over its matching image.
  3. Place the large Dazzles™ feather on blue/pink swirls collage paper and trim the edges evenly. Position the Papier Tole embellishment, large Dazzles™ feather plus a 2 1/2" Dazzles™ feather so the base of all the feathers overlap at the bottom of the card front. The large Dazzles™ feather will overlap the bottom edge of the card, so trim the excess evenly with the card. Glue or press the pieces in place.
  4. Foam tape the small pink bird on the large Dazzles™ feather. Add a small Dazzles™ feather and extra art feather from the Papier Tole sheet near the base of the feather cluster as shown. Use 3/4" wide dark blue crepe ribbon to tie a bow. Zot™ the bow at the base of the feather cluster.
  5. Place Dazzles™ “let your heart Soar” on the top of the card as shown. Add a small feather beneath the words, a swirl near the lower left corner, and a tiny heart on the bird.
  6. Inside: Cover the inside with green/blue textured paper. Write or computer print “And have a very happy birthday!” on aqua textured paper. Trim to a 2 1/8”x1” rectangle and mat on purple textured paper with 1/16” borders. Fold a small piece of blue crepe ribbon and glue it beneath the left side of the rectangle for a tab. Add the pink extra art feather and small Dazzles™ feathers in a cluster on the green/blue textured paper, 1” from the right side and 1 3/4" from the bottom. Glue the sentiment on the card, overlapping the feathers as shown. Glue the blue bird on the bottom of the feathers cluster. Add Dazzles™ hearts as shown.

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