Happy Mother's Day
By: Susan Cobb

scrapbook project   scrapbook project
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Susan's Tip:
You’ll need two blank cards to create this square card with two triangular flaps that meet at the center of the card front. The card opens by pulling one flap to the left and the other to the top.

scrapbook project
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  1. To create the card with folded flaps: Trim each blank card to a 5” square. Glue the insides of the two cards together so one panel is on top and the other is on the left.
  2. Score the top panel from the lower left corner to the upper right corner, then fold on the scored line to create a flap, aligning the edges with the lower right corner of the panel. Repeat for the left panel. Glue the folded flaps in place. Close the card so the two flaps meet at the center with the card fold at the left.
  3. Cover the lower left panel with yellow/blue/red flowers paper, trimming edges evenly with the flap. Cover the lower half of the same panel with red/white lace paper, trimming edges evenly. Cover the upper right panel with green tiny flowers paper. Cover the upper half of the green panel with red/white lace paper.
  4. Punch out the dark blue/white die-cut frame and glue it to pale yellow cardstock. Trim the edges evenly with the frame. Place the frame centered on the card front and glue only the left side of the frame to the lower flap, allowing the right side of the frame to simply overlap the right flap.
  5. Punch out the red/white lace tag die-cut. Write or computer print “hello” on pale yellow cardstock and trim to a small rectangle. Glue centered to the tag. Glue the tag to the right edge of the blue frame. Punch out the large floral cluster die-cut and foam tape centered inside the frame.
  6. Embellish the left and right card edges and the blue frame die-cut with Red Jewel Border Dazzles™ as shown. Use 3/8” wide red/white gingham ribbon to tie a bow and Zot it to the lower edge of the flower cluster.
  7. Cover the inside with green tiny flowers paper. Glue a 5” length of red/white gingham ribbon across the center. Punch out the striped frame die-cut. Write or computer print “Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mom ever!” on pale yellow cardstock so it will fit inside the top half of the frame. Glue the frame over the cardstock and trim edges evenly with the outside edges of the frame. Glue centered over the ribbon.
  8. Punch out the small flower cluster die-cut and glue centered over the frame beneath the words. Add tiny butterfly die-cuts to the upper left corner of the frame as shown. Add Red Jewel Border Dazzles™ to the frame, plus “innies” at the center of the butterflies.

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