Home Sweet Harmony
By: Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: Create an embellishment from the Farmers Preserves 3-D Papier Tole Foil Die-Cuts for a great look that’s easy, too! I layered the Papier Tole embellishment over a pretty lace medallion sticker for a pretty effect.



  1. Place your card with the fold at the top. Cover the card front with yellow tiny flowers paper. Sand the long edges of a 6 1/2"x2 1/4" strip of striped paper and glue centered across the yellow flowers paper. Place the largest shape from the Design Tool Kit centered on the card front, even with the fold. Trace around the edges with a pencil, then trim the edges of both card layers along the pencil lines. Sand the edges for a distressed look.
  2. Using the Bracket Label A design, trace the shape on red cardstock then cut it out. Ink the edges brown. Glue centered to the card front overlapping the striped paper. Place the lace medallion sticker centered on the red shape, then add swirls and hearts stickers near the edges as shown. Place a lace border sticker across the top edge of the card, trimming edges evenly.
  3. For the “Home Sweet Harmony” papier tole embellishment, punch out the #1 image and glue it centered over the lace medallion sticker on the card front. Punch out #2 image and foam tape over its matching design. Repeat foam taping each number until the design is complete. Add a small heart sticker centered on the embellishment. Tie a brown/cream gingham bow and Zot near the papier tole embellishment as shown.
  4. For the inside--using the Bracket Label A design, trace the shape on yellow tiny flowers paper then cut it out. Sand the edges and mat on red with 1/16” borders. Back the hearts of a hearts banner sticker on red, trimming evenly with the heart shape. Place centered across the top of the label. Write or computer print  “Thank you for everything” on red cardstock. Place the long frame sticker with swirls around the words. Trim edges even with the sticker. Add heart stickers to ends as shown. Glue centered to the label. Place a lace border sticker across the label below the words and trim edges evenly. Glue the label centered on the inside. Zot bow as shown.

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