Love is the Light of Christmas Easel
By: Susan Cobb

scrapbook project   scrapbook project
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scrapbook project
Susan Cobb
scrapbook project
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Susan's Tip
: This easel card is easier than it looks, and fun to make! An easel card is made to stand up by itself. I love the blue, white, and silver color palette for Christmas.


  • Two - 5”x6 1/2” blank white cards (link)
  • Color Me Silver Swirls Paper (link)
  • Color Me Silver Tags & Borders (link)
  • Easy Sunburst Template (link)
  • Gypsy Jewel Ribbons set (link)
  • Snowflakes Blue Holographic (link)
  • Christmas Cheer Stamps set (link)
  • Acrylic Block (link)
  • Black Ink Pad (link)
  • Teal Jewel Dazzles™ (link)
  • Silver Star Jewel Dazzles™ (link)
  • Classic Cardstock (link)- black
  • Sea Crystal Fluid Chalk ink pad (link)
  • Cosmetic sponge or Stylus & blender tips (link)
  • Zots™ Adhesive Dots (link)
  • Foam Tape (link)
  • X-acto® Knife (link) or Scoring Tool (link)
  • Cutting Mat (link)
  • Paper towel
  • Stencil Tape (link)
  • 1/2" wide Ultra Clear Tape (link)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil with eraser


  1. Front: Open a blank card and lay it out flat with the fold vertical. Use the back (dull side) of your knife and ruler to score a vertical line centered down the left card panel. Fold on the scored line so the outer edge aligns with the card fold at the center. Now turn the card so the folded panel is at the top.
  2. Cut the second card in half, along the fold. Set aside one half to use on another project. Take the remaining half and cover with Color Me™ Silver Swirls paper. Position the center point of the Easy Sunburst template on the lower left corner of the paper, then check to see that the template slots on the left and bottom are aligned with the edges of your paper. Hold the template in place and use a pencil to lightly draw in all the lines of the sunburst rays.
  3. Starting at the upper left corner, (refer to template for numbers of the rays) use stencil tape to tape off the following rays: #2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9,11, and 12. Use the cosmetic sponge or stylus to apply Sea Crystal ink to the exposed rays (#1, 4, 7, and 10), then wipe off the excess ink with a paper towel. Carefully remove the stencil tape. Erase any pencil lines that show.
  4. Cut an 8 1/2"x6” Snowflakes Blue Holographic paper and turn it over. Position the center point of the template on the lower left corner, make sure the left side and bottom are aligned and draw in the pencil lines as before. Number each ray (1-12) according to the template with your pencil. Cut the rays apart. Take the #11 ray and use Ultra Clear Tape to tape it in place on your Color Me™ paper with the sunburst design, according to number. Then trim the excess even with the edges. Repeat for #8, 5, and 2. Ink the edges black and let dry. Glue to the folded panel at the top of the card, so the bottom edge of the paper aligns with the inside fold of the card. Pull the piece down flat on the front, so the edges align with the back of the card. The sunburst design is now on the front of your card.
  5. Cut out the Color Me™ Silver label with the round center, leaving a 1/16” white border at the edges. Mask the frame with stencil tape, then apply Sea Crystal ink on the center. Carefully remove the stencil tape and mat on black with thin borders. Stamp “Love is the Light of Christmas” on the inked circle. Let dry. Foam tape centered on the card front. Add Silver Star Jewel Dazzles™ to the Snowflakes Blue Holographic rays. Add Teal Jewel Dazzles™ to the edges of the label.
  6. Inside: Cover the inside with Color Me™ Silver Swirls paper. Apply Sea Crystal ink with the stylus and blender tips to cover the paper and wipe off the excess. Cut out the large tag with stars leaving a 1/16” white border on the edges. Mask off the frame with stencil tape, then apply Sea Crystal ink on the center rectangle. Remove the stencil tape. Stamp “May your days BE MERRY...” on the center of the inked rectangle. Let it dry, then use your knife and ruler to cut out the rectangle. Mat the tag frame on Snowflakes Blue Holographic with thin borders. Foam tape the inked rectangle centered on the tag. Tape the tag angled near the bottom of the inside, so the back corner of the foam taped rectangle is 3” from the bottom of the card.
  7. Use 1/4" wide teal glimmer ribbon to tie a bow. Zot™ the bow on the lower right corner of the tag. Add Teal Jewel Dazzles™ on the tag as shown. Place the bottom edge of the card front behind the foam taped portion of the tag to hold it in place for the easel.

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