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Conversation Between Melanie and lavendar66
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  1. Melanie
    07-30-2009 02:52 PM
    The tea bag book is from 1999 and was bought on eBay almost 5 years ago (it was discontinued back then too). I've been trying to see if HOTP has freebie instructions on the basics, but I don't see any.
  2. lavendar66
    07-05-2009 08:11 PM
    Thank you so much, Melanie!
  3. Melanie
    07-05-2009 01:49 PM
    Wow, you've been busy again Joyce! I can't comment on every card but I do like how you've combined Dazzles and used chalk to color you Laser Art pieces. Also you have some creative ways to combine those collage art pieces.
  4. Melanie
    06-30-2009 05:58 PM
    Yes, I see that they now have laser cards. Very pretty! I haven't bought any, but they are on my very long wish list! I've used some of the HOTP laser lace; it's so elegant but it's hard to find. I don't know why PW quit carrying it, as it was so pretty! I do have the Laser Borders book that I got on Mom's Warehouse Sale recently, but I haven't used any yet. I also have the matching Laser Art book; some of those of so fragile I've ripped them already, and I haven't used them yet either! But I will some day.
  5. lavendar66
    06-30-2009 02:46 PM
    Melanie: I just found out today that there's a webisode on Laser cards Sept 15. Just in case you ever need to know. I have been having problems with laser borders. They are on such flimsy paper. The cards are wonderful - very heavy paper (like cardboard).
  6. Melanie
    06-29-2009 07:45 PM
    See, the hearts have a much larger open space to emboss than the butterfly does. I think those large spaces are just too easy to tear when embossing! I should look around for some other Dazzles with smaller openings to emboss.
  7. lavendar66
    06-29-2009 05:09 PM
    Melanie: the embossed butterfly turned out perfectly. It was white vellum. But I tried to do a small heart and a large heart on pink vellum and they look dreadful I try a couple more things on white vellum. The small heart has more holes than a pin cushion and the white colouring is all mottled on the hearts.
  8. Melanie
    06-29-2009 04:26 PM
    You're welcome Joyce! Did you have any trouble embossing on the vellum? I think I told you about how bad my embossed flower turned out. My embossed butterfly had just one lil' tear in the vellum. I think smaller areas of vellum are better to emboss, as they're less like to tear and don't get too puffy like what my embossed flower did.
  9. lavendar66
    06-29-2009 04:22 PM
    thank you for your nice comments on my cards. Joyce
  10. lavendar66
    06-24-2009 06:02 PM
    Thank you for your nice comments on my cards

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