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Conversation Between Sandra and kwalsh
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  1. Sandra
    07-15-2009 04:00 PM
    Hi Karen,I checked out your site and wow you have made some really beautiful cards.Of,course I will be snitching some of your ideas!!! LOL
  2. Sandra
    07-14-2009 09:23 AM
    Are you having a hard time getting started on the sketch idea??? I had an awful time coming up with how to put it together but you know Karen, I think it is the prettiest card I have ever made.I plan on using that pattern for some up coming anniversary cards I need to make.I hope they turn out nice as well.Hugs,Sandy
  3. Sandra
    07-13-2009 11:27 AM
    Hi Karen,I've been working on next months swap,the sketch.I have never done a sketch card before and I must say I had a hard time trying to come up with color ideas but I finally got it and it is finished.It's a little busy but it is very pretty.I hope everyone enjoys how I put it together.Talk with you later.Sandy
  4. Sandra
    07-12-2009 04:02 PM
    Hi Karen,Just wanted to say hello.I haven't talked with you in awhile.Hope this finds you doing well!! Sandra
  5. Sandra
    06-24-2009 04:52 PM
    Just stopped in to say howdy!!! Have a nice day!!
  6. Sandra
    06-09-2009 05:33 PM
    Hi Karen,I just looked over your blog.What a nice site!! You really are a talented girl. I will go back often as I was not able to read it all. ~Sandra~
  7. Sandra
    06-06-2009 11:21 AM
    I'm also a very dumb bunny when it comes to doing some stuff on the computer.My husband is a whiz at it,not so with me though!!!!!
  8. Sandra
    06-05-2009 12:00 PM
    I found out that ACK means:acknowledge,scream or yuck.It all depends on how you use it in a sentence.
  9. Sandra
    06-05-2009 07:27 AM
    No as of yet,friend...Actually I don't have the equipment,nor would I know how to use it to set up a blog.We will eventually get each other on the card swap and you can see my work that way until I get the brains and the $$$ to do a blog.I've seen (ACK) on a few messages...It's a mystery to me what it means.I have a few other people I have asked and if they let me know what it means I will let you know.
  10. kwalsh
    06-04-2009 02:48 PM
    hey new buddie. do you have a blog or anything? mines i would love to check it out if you have one.

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