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scotroots 03-17-2017 07:02 PM

Background cutting dies
In this tutorial Jennifer MacGuire shows 2 ways to use background cutting dies , as a cutting die, and with an embossing mat..... 2 different cool looks !!

Also I LOVE these cross stitch stamps !!!!

what do you think Y'ALL, do you like these dies and stamps?? I do..!

SamB 10-29-2017 09:08 AM

She is one of my favorite bloggers and I know many of you watch her as well...seems like anything she features sells out almost immediately!

Did you get the cross stitch dies/stamps? I looked at them but didn't order...I keep going back to them from time to time and see some other brands have something similar now but just not sure I'd use them much.

Rosie 10-29-2017 09:45 AM

I love the stamps but they sound kinda hard to line up. Like the idea of the backgound dies. I use to do cross stitch years ago, but only the ones that had the picture stamped on the material, could never do the counted cross stitch.

Carol J 10-29-2017 10:42 AM

I don't know how I missed this thread back in March! I do love watching Jennifer, she does such nice work and explains things very well. I still do some cross stitch - current project has been ongoing for a year!!! I like what she did with the background dies, I don't own any but may take another look at them as they can be versatile. TFS Heather!

scotroots 10-29-2017 04:12 PM

I forgot abt this thread ! and No , Sam I did not get those stamps YET, just reminded me I still want them LOL...I have not seen any anywhere else though.... and am reminded abt embossing with a couple of background dies I do have now but didn't then... off to try it!

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