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Smile My 2 cents...

Hi everyone!!! Sorry I haven't been on board for awhile. With summer comes weddings,picnics,baby showers,etc. UGH...I barely have time to clean my house.I haven't even made a card in over a month!!! Yes...a month!!! I think I will get to a few today. It is not fit for man or beast here in Ohio. IT IS HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went out to get the mail today and I could hardly breathe. So I am in for the day at my desk trying to come up with an idea for a wedding card.I have the silver wedding dazzles so I don't think I will have much of a problem coming up with an idea.

As for Fab and Huston there are no two better men to ask for help when you have a problem on the MB. They have helped me many times. So here's to you...Fab and Huston. Sandra
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