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Post Having Trouble Viewing the Webisodes?

"The Webisode video wont load!"
Make sure you have downloaded the latest Adobe Flash Player. Make sure that all security software or browser plugins are set to allow Flash videos to load on the Webisode page. They may need to be disabled temporarily.

Keep your internet browsers up to date.

Firefox: here
Internet Explorer: here
Safari: here
Google Chrome (Chrome will update automatically): here

If your video is loading slow or appears to not be loading, try the low bandwidth option instead of the high bandwidth option.

You may also want to try again later. Sometimes the video hosting site may be performing temporary maintenance or your local ISP (Internet Service Provider) is having problems connecting to the video.

"Is there another option for watching the Weekly Webisodes?"
We offer a variety of our Weekly Webisodes on Youtube. Visit and suscribe to our Youtube channel.

Youtube Channel:

I tried all of the above and it still wont load!
Please make a post with the following information:
  • Your operating system (ex: Windows Vista, 7, XP, Mac OS X)
  • Your internet browser (ex: Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Your connection speed and service provider (ex: Comcast Cable Internet)
  • What version of Flash Player are you running? Check here.
  • Do you have any security software installed? (ex: Norton, McAffe, AVG)
  • Are you able to watch videos on Youtube?

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