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Resolutions... hmm... not good at those, but I'll give it a shot:

1. Complete and have printed at least one digital scrapbook. It's kind of embarrassing really, I have completed lots and lots of individual pages but I haven't compiled a book and had it printed in several years.

2. Set aside some time each week to send birthday/encouragement/get well cards. I'm really, REALLY bad at this! My card sending is very hit or miss (mostly miss), as a result, I have quite a stockpile.

3. Put sentiments inside the cards when I make them. This will help a lot with #2.

4. Post at least once a week to one of my blogs (I have two now - What was I thinking???)

If I succeed at those, my website could use a complete overhaul, but I doubt that one will make it on the list.
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