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I no longer make resolutions. I list Intentions! (I know, I know - but "intentions" sounds so less intimidating to me somehow and not subject to "failure"....{although now that I think about it I remember my grandmother telling me the road to Hell was paved with good intentions ... ...})

Anyway - my Intentions for this year almost all revolve around simplifying and organizing...our house is a very very very small house (although we don't have 2 cats in the yard) with not much storage space so keeping organized and keeping things put away properly is kind of critical...especially because clutter just makes me crazy to start with. And when I can't find something? ARGH! That makes me particularly nutso. Since my normal state of mind is pretty close to crazy/nutso to start with either is a short trip!

My general intention is to go thru every drawer and every closet and clean out stuff I haven't or won't use and donate it somewhere or dispose of it.
BUT - since I STILLLLLLLLL can't find my PW reindeer die... ... I'm going to start with my craft area and my dies.
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