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Hi Karen,
I did this last fall. I scoured the net and found some Youtube videos on doing this. I just simply pulled the rubber off of the blocks. You can buy a foam cling pad to put on the back of them or what I did with some of the older ones ( I put some wet glue on the back and let it dry) I used the Blue two way glue made and sold by EK-success. I believe PW sells it. I then put my stamps on plastic sheets made especially for holding cling stamps.
I put them all in note books 5 and a half inches by 8. I ordered those from staples. I have yet to alphabatise them. I tried using the larger note books but they just seemed too big to handle.
I also got a good deal on CD cases and have some of them in those. I stamped the images on paper and slipped them in the cover.
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