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I unmounted all of my rubber stamps a couple of years ago. Jackie is right, you just peel the rubber off the wood block. However, I then used EZ mount sheets. I prefer the EZ mount to using some kind of glue. If you go this route, when you have unmounted your stamps, you should clean as much of the glue off the back of the rubber stamp as you can. I then placed them on the EZ mount sheet as close together as I could get (EZ mount isn't exactly cheap). I have a craft hot knife and I used that to cut through the EZ and get clean edges for my stamps. Because I used the knife, I was able to get more stamps on each sheet. Besides, cutting them with the knife was fun! If I bought more wood mounted stamps (which of course, I did) I took them off the block and added them to an EZ mount sheet until it was full.

I originally kept my stamps in 3 ring binders, but they got to big and bulky. When I first started to change my storage, I used VHS cases, now though I use CD cases (the taller ones, like Stampin' Up uses) and I like them better. You can't get as many in, but I've never had to separate a set. In the CD cases, I just put the stamps on the case itself and they stay fine. For the VHS cases, I cut sheets of acrylic (actually I used a lot of packaging - I cut it and then cleaned it with alcohol) and I could fit several sheets of acrylic in one case. I either stamped each image or photo-copied the backing sheet for the stamps and put it on the case.

I am still struggling with how to store my stamp/die combos. I've got several different methods now, trying to figure out which works the best for me. I have the Stamp and Die System, but I am finding that my acrylic stamps aren't staying on very well, especially small stamps. The good news is the case is closed so the stamps don't get lost. Another system, and the one I think I will switch to is taping a piece of magnet onto one side of the CD case and storing the stamps and dies together.

I have a huge 3-ring binder with all my stamps indexed first by manufacturer (which is how the stamps are stored) and then I have them by theme/holiday/type. Each CD or VHS case has the name of the company and is numbered. I can look through my index and go right to the particular case I need.

Whew!! I had a lot to say (surprise, surprise ). If you are interested, I can take a few pics of what I have.
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