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Daria....the Brother machine is easy. I have not read the instruction booklet as of yet. My first die cutter, that I did not list, was the Wishblade. You needed a computer
had --troubles with that. The ScanNcut does not need a computer and it has prloaded images in the file. I have Cricuts and all the carts so I only purchased the Brother machine so I will never fussy cut stamped images again. There are two models for the Brother, 1 has 500 images and the 2nd one has 700 images. I have the 700 images, did get a great deal on that machine. This machine is great for any quilters also. It cuts fabrics and has preloaded quilt images to use. You can take your PW paper downloads and scan them and then tell the machine to cut them out---fantastic! I hope this helps.
Mary W
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