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Well, we live in a very very small (probably under 900 sq ft) house that is really kind of a big studio apartment--big enough for the two of us, plus we have the dock on the water out back and a huge shop across the street where we can sit with a view of the Intracoastal; the only separate room is the bathroom, although bedroom divided a bit with my craft space is the two tables on the U-shaped area where my work desk (with my work desk being the bottom of the "U", which is to the left of the black/white zig-zag box you see in the first pic) are pics...the two sideways ones are tall cabinets and I have a third cabinet with two 10-drawer rolling carts in front of it that I have to move to get too and I was too lazy to move them to take pics of inside that one; also underneath of one of the tables has tons of stuff too, and there are 2 3-drawer wicker drawer things under each end of the table where you see the craft mat, and the other table with the red on it has 2 rolling carts and 4 drawers of stamps and punches beneath it! And yet I keep buying stuff...usually it's pretty neat as with such a small space the clutter gets to me, but this is turtle patrol season, there is stuff everywhere which probably won't get moved until after the season ends, and I just got 5 orders in a row from PW that I haven't put away (along with some stuff I ordered elsewhere, but it is ALL Mike's fault for being gone on turtle patrol so long, I got bored...)....

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