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Also a lot of the time you don't really have to match the dimensions in the directions exactly unless you are provided mattes that the pictures have to fit on. I will often put in a 5x7 photo in a spot calling for two 4x6 photos or even turn the page sideways if it calls for portrait pictures snd all of mine are landdcape. When I do need to use a specific size I usually manually crop them like perhaps when it calls for a 3"x3". As far as thecolor sometimes that can be an issue with kits and I'll just hold on to the kit until something comes along that will work. Another thing you can do is 1) print the pictures in black and white or 2)change an element or two from your stash. Example: once I had a Christmas kit that was in traditional red and green but the pictures I wanted to use had the girl in the picture wearing a hot pink sweater! So I cut a new title in hot pink on my Cricut and made matching photo mattes in pink and it worked out great.
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