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Daria- just let me say first, thank you for playing along - even under protest! All of your cards are keepers and look good to me.
I TOTALLY understand your comments- and agree with your comment that to some degree you just wanted to finish the cards, not inspired to do your best. But you also hit on something else, which was the exercise stretched you. NOW you have these cards, so don't forget the last part of the exercise, which is to send a card (or more) to someone from the MB who you are thinking of.
Heather, Daria, Lee, Rhonda- true statement that this method impinges on freestyle creativity. The exact opposite of the point of the template, in fact. This method is for those who, for whatever reason, want to make cards in a streamlined, economical way.
No hurt feelings here. I really want to play with Lees HD template(s), because AS intimidates me so much, so that was one ulterior motive in developing this exercise! I'll be back next week with some time to play, and plan to make a batch of HD cards.

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