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Old 06-05-2013, 05:31 PM
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I had wound care at the hospital today and I have a new wound that is bigger and deeper than any of the other ones. I had what I thought was a blood blister and the doctor opened it up and it was not a blood blister but some kind of wound. There was all hard blood on top that had to be removed and the doctor forgot to numb me and it hurt like the dickens. I yelped and he finally numbed it. My blood pressure was 190 over something and that was before the doctor even came in the room. Go figure??? Boy no one seems to be around the message board. I know challenges are off for the summer but I thought some people might be checking in now and than.

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Old 06-05-2013, 07:58 PM
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Sorry to hear. I hope you are doing ok Kathleen.
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Old 06-06-2013, 04:39 AM
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That does sound painful, Kathleen. I think I'd have whack the doctor. I know of a lady who had the same problem. She had the wounds for some time also. The doctors at her wound center did skin grafts on her and it helped. She's free of the problem now. So there is a way of getting rid of the wounds. Will say more prayers for you. Judi
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