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Old 09-10-2017, 08:48 PM
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Default Scrapbook Propsal

chook.mitchell on 09-07-17 03:13 PM

Hey guys,
I'm looking to use a scrapbook to help me propose to my partner. The day will involve us going to her favourite restaurant which is in Sydney Harbour, at sunset we will go to our spot looking out at the harbour bridge. It's then lm planning on surprising her with the scrapbook.
Problem is l haven't actually done a scrapbook before and obviously l would like it to be awesome.
She has a couple of young boys so lve always imagined involving them in the propsal when the time was right, and l figure a scrapbook would be a perfect way of doing this.
I'm thinking l'll title the book 'our story' and on the end page it'll be a photo of the boys with the ring, or them holding a sign asking me to marry her.
If anyone could suggest any ideas on the book or some cute scrap ideas that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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