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Arrow FAQ's for Swaps


Here are some quick questions and answers. If your question is not answered here, or if something is not clear, please send a PRIVATE MESSAGE to Swaps Albums and ask.

1) Should all the supplies be from Paper Wishes ?

While all supplies do not have to be from Paper Wishes, you must use at least one item available from Paper Wishes in any project posted here.

Since Paper Wishes sponsors this forum and provides the monthly gift certificates for the weekly challenges, as well as for "special" crafting days like National Scrapbooking Day and World Cardmaking Day, we encourage you to choose supplies that are available on the Paper Wishes website as this is their forum and the idea of the swaps is to inspire others with your creations using their items.

It's also OK to use HOTP branded items that have been purchased somewhere else (HSN or QVC, for example).

Again it's not about the sourcing but using PW or HOTP supplies, it's also OK to use old retired kits as sometimes similar papers exist in the current kits so people can do a creative leap and get inspired with your idea using similar papers.

2) How do I add my name to a swap ?

Easy peasy ! Just look for the thread "MONTH xxx SWAP CALL". If you want to join the swap, send a PRIVATE MESSAGE to Swaps Albums and put the month for the card swap call in the title so the Swaps team knows which swap you want to join.

The deadlines for signing up for each swap will be provided in the swap post itself.

3) How do I know the person I'm swapping with ?

Most of our swaps are NON-reciprocal. That means you will send your cards to one person, but will receive cards from someone else. This is the easiest option especially if we have odd numbers of participants. Partners are posted generally on the 1st of the month. The first person listed sends to the next person list below, and the last person sends to the person at the top of the list.

4) How do I get the address of the person I'm sending to ?

Once you know the person you're sending to (see question above) then just PRIVATE MESSAGE them. To do so just look where it says WELCOME next to your Username and you'll see there's a link that says PRIVATE MESSAGE just below it. Click on it and you'll end up on another page, once there on the left hand side look for the sub-category Private Message and Click on SEND NEW MESSAGE then select the username and ask for their address (Addy). Please make sure you ask the address from your recipient asap, do not wait to finish your cards, also it's a good idea to keep the details so that if you were to swap with the same person in the near future you don't have to ask the details from her all over again.

5) Is there a size requirement for the swaps?

All details will be explained on the Swap Call Thread. All swaps/challenges require at least FIVE participants to proceed.

6) How are people selected in the list?

We will be using a randomizer at to shuffle the names of the people who sign up. We will, however, try to avoid matching you with the person you had the month before, so we may need to make minor changes to the list.

All swaps require at least FIVE participants; if less than five sign up, the swap will be cancelled.

8) How do I thank people sending the swap to me?

Each swap participant should, on receiving their swap item from their swap partner, go to that swap thread and post their thank you along with a picture of what they received and the supply list used, if one was provided.

It's good practice to take a picture or scan your card before sending it, as your partner might not be able to post a picture once they receive the item for some reason, and then IF the receiver asks the sender to post the picture you will be able to do that. (So upload your pictures only if the recipient is unable to do so.)

If it ever happens that whoever sends you handmade cards and he/she doesn't have the means to take a picture or a scan and you are in the same position yourself; you just describe the cards the best you can.

9) How long do I have to send my card?

The deadline for when your card must be mailed will be included in the swap posting; generally it will be the end of the month but you can send sooner if you have it ready! The sooner the better, really. If you're late no need to 'crucify' yourself publicly just write to the recipient explaining the reason(s) and try to send your cards asap.

10) Do I personalize the card for my swap partner?

We may occasionally have a "please your partner" swap, where we ask you to communicate with your swap partner as to what kind of card they'd like to receive, but in all cases the card you make should not be written on or personalized with any specific name - the idea is for the person who is RECEIVING the card to be able to use it as part of their card stash and send on to someone else, if they so choose! You should also send an envelope to fit the card you made.

11) Can I send "swap candy" with my project?

That is something you and your swap partner can decide upon. If you decide to send some small little swap candy items to your partner, or they to you, thank you msgs should be sent privately, and you should NOT post pictures of what you received or sent in your thank you post on the message board. No one should in any case feel obligated to send anything other than the project they signed up to do.

12) What entries are eligible for the monthly gift certificate drawing?

Paper Wishes generously provides us with a $15 monthly gift certificate. All entries into any weekly challenge or other type of challenge posted by a Swap Team member will be entered into the drawing, provided the criteria for the challenge and the posting deadline are met. Note projects entered into challenges should be something created specifically for the posted challenge. Winners are randomly selected by the random list generator at If the Swap Team organizer doesn't already have your email address, you will be asked to send it to us via private message, and then your gift certificate will be sent to you by Paper Wishes via e-mail.

Please understand that if you have an overdue swap, you need to avoid putting your name down for the next one as it would be inappropriate to do so until you've completed your swap. If you are more than a month past the swap mailing deadline and still have not completed your swap commitment, you will not be allowed to join the next month's swaps.

If you have issues or can't complete your commitment please contact us at once via Private Message to Swaps Albums (once again please put CARD SWAP in the title), so we can arrange something for your recipient.

Once again, if there are any other questions or something is not clear just send a Private Message to Swaps Albums.
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