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Liquid Silver Necklace Set — By: Katie Hacker

For the Necklace

  • nine 8mm round purple faceted glass beads
  • eighteen periwinkle e-beads
  • ten 1”  curved liquid silver spacer tubes
  • 16” length of silver bead stringing wire
  • silver split ring
  • two silver crimp beads
  • silver spring ring clasp


  1. Attach the split ring to the wire with a crimp bead loop (see below for instructions).
  2. String a silver tube, an e-bead, a purple bead and an e-bead. Repeat this pattern until all the beads are used. Attach the clasp with a crimp bead loop.

For the Earrings

  • four 8 mm round purple faceted glass beads
  • four periwinkle e-beads
  • two 1” curved liquid silver spacer tubes
  • two 1/4” liquid silver spacer tubes
  • four silver head pins
  • two silver hinged ear wires


  1. String a purple bead, an e-bead and a 1/4” silver tube onto a head pin. Attach it to an ear wire with a simple loop.
  2. String a purple bead, an e-bead and a 1” silver tube on a head pin. Attach it to the ear wire behind the other head pin with a simple loop.


Designer Tip: Dress up your favorite outfit with this chic necklace and coordinating earrings–use this purple and blue color scheme or alter it to your own favorite colors. The best part: You won’t believe how simple these are to make!

Using Crimp Beads

Crimp beads are special beads that become flattened when squeezed with pliers. To use, loop the end of your beading string or wire, then string the crimp bead onto the loop. Use flat nose pliers to squeeze the bead around the loop, preventing the loop from coming undone.

Project from The Need to Bead. Designer Katie Hacker packed 60 fabulous glass beading projects into this useful idea book. Complete with step-by-step, pre-tested instructions and color photos, this book is easy to follow and you’re sure to love the results!


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