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Family photos album — Susan Cobb





  1. Ink the spine, back, edges, and 2" of the left front of the album. Cover the front of the album up to the fold with brown/aqua floral paper, trimming the edges evenly. Cut out the brown/aqua dotted border, leaving a white edge along one long side. Glue the dotted border over the left edge of the floral paper, with the white edge on the right side.
  2. To punch a triangle from aqua paper: Punch the first image in the paper. After the first cut, lift the upper punch and turn the paper to the RIGHT on the base until the punched design fits precisely over the light blue shape and printed design labeled "Triangle". Now replace the upper punch, ensure paper alignment is still correct, and press on the center of the lever with the heel of your hand. Repeat one more time to complete the triangle, 3 punches in all. Repeat for two more aqua paper triangles.
  3. Place one aqua triangle over a second one to create a flower shape and glue together. Punch the brown/aqua center from an art square, ink edges, and add a white brad to the center. Foam tape the circle to the center of the flower. Glue remaining aqua punched triangle over the spine of the album as shown.
  4. Cut out the brown label, leaving a thin white border around the edges. Write or computer print "Family photos" on the center of the label. Punch the Marta image on remaining aqua paper, then glue the label centered to the right of the punched image. Trim edges as shown. Add white brad near center of the punched image. Glue the matted label near the center of the album. Foam tape the decorative punched flower over the upper right corner of the label. Cut out "remember" and glue across the punched triangle on the spine.

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