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"Love" Decorated Pail — By: Sara Naumann







Designer Tip: Fill this sweet pail with treats for a special Valentine's Day gift, or change the papers and embellishments to give it for birthdays, Mother's Day or just because!


  1. Ink the edges of a 12"x3 1/8" strip of black/white striped paper (stripes running vertically). Ink the edges of a 12"x1 1/8" strip of ivory textured paper and glue it centered across the striped strip. Use alphabet stamps to continuously stamp the word “love” across the bottom of the ivory textured strip. Add a heart stamp to the end of each “love”, accenting the stamped hearts with a red pen. Glue a 12"x3/8" strip of black/white dotted paper across the ivory textured strip, just above the stamped words.
  2. Add three eyelets evenly spaced down each end of the layered paper strip, then wrap the papers around the base of the clear pail. Lace a length of red sheer ribbon back and forth through the eyelets (like you would lace a shoe or corset), knotting the ribbons at the top to secure the layered papers around the pail.
  3. Ink the edges of a 3 1/2" circle of black/white dotted paper and glue centered on the pail's lid. Run a 5" length of red sheer ribbon through the holes on a large black button. Punch a hole in the center of a small ivory silk flower and layer the button on top, running the ribbon tails through the punched hole and knotting them on the bottom side of the flower. Use a Zot™ to attach the flower centered on the pail's lid.
  4. Knot various lengths of ribbon around one side of the pail's handle. Ink the edges of a manila tag. Cut and ink the edges of a piece of ivory textured paper to fit on the tag. Cover the bottom 1/2" of the ivory paper with black/white dotted paper with a torn top edge, then glue centered on the tag. Use alphabet stamps to stamp the name across the ivory portion and add a heart stamp to the end, accented with red pen. Run a length of black woven ribbon through the holes on a large red button. Run the ribbon tails through the hole at the top of the tag and use them to tie the tag around the pail's handle. Tie one small and one medium ivory button to the two ends of the black woven ribbon length.



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