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Daydream Necklace — By: Katie Hacker


  • twelve 8mm round crackled light blue glass beads
  • four 12mm star-shaped dark blue glass beads
  • five 12mm sun/moon silver disk beads
  • ten 5mm silver tube beads
  • 10” length of silver bead stringing wire
  • two 7 1/2” lengths of brown suede lace
  • two silver crimp tubes
  • four silver fold-over cord ends
  • two 1” silver head pins
  • crimping tool
  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers






Designer Tip: A wrap necklace like this is a very versatile piece because you can adjust the length simply by tying the ends in a knot.


  1. Attach a fold-over cord end to one end of each suede lace length by stringing the fold-over cord end onto the cord, then using the chain nose pliers to crimp the tube to secure it to the cord.
  2. Use a crimp tube to attach the stringing wire to one fold-over cord end as if it were a clasp. String beads onto the wire as follows: crackled, sun, crackled, silver tube, star and silver tube. Repeat the pattern, alternating suns and moons, until all the beads and tubes are used.
  3. Use the other crimp tube to attach the wire to the fold-over crimp on the other suede length, cutting off any excess wire. Attach a fold-over cord end to each end of the suede lace.
  4. String a crackled bead and silver tube onto a head pin. Make a loop at the top and attach it to a fold-over cord end on the suede end. Repeat for the opposite end of the necklace.

Project reprinted from 30-Minute Beading, a brand new beading book with jewelry projects you can make to night and wear tomorrow.

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