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Friendship Quotes — By: Laura Nicholas








  1. Cut a 2" strip of faded floral paper and adhere along the edge of one card and across the center of a second. Trim the paper flush to the edge of the ATCs. Cut a thin strip of blue glimmer paper and adhere to the edges of the light blue paper, and trim the ends. Ink the edges of the cards. Cut out quotes and ink the edges. Adhere them with foam tape to the cards.
  2. Cut out small butterflies from the printed papers. Ink the edges, attach to the card and add penwork across the card. Cut out two of the larger butterflies, ink their edges and layer. Adhere the bodies together and fold up the wings. Add pen work and adhere to the first card.
  3. For the other cards, tear strips of blue and purple textured paper and curl the ends. Adhere to the edges of the ATCs. Cut a 2" strip and 1 1/2" strip of floral paper. Tear petals from each strip to form a flower. Tear the leaves from blue glimmer paper and adhere together. Add brads to the centers and adhere to the ATCs with foam tape. Mat quotes with glimmer paper and adhere with foam tape.
  4. For the third set of cards, cover with light blue texture paper and sand the edges. Cut a 1" strip of darker blue paper and sand the edges. Adhere to the second card. Trim words, ink the edges, add pen stitching and mat with glimmer paper. Add dragonfly brads and adhere to the cards with foam tape.

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