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Mini Easter Pail — By LeNae Gerig



  1. Wrap the base of the pail with the grass border. Line the bunny with pink paper and color the bow purple. Glue over the border. Adhere “Easter” above the bunny.
  2. Line the small eggs with pink dot paper and glue them around the pail sides, altering the angle and direction of each, as if they were tumbling.
  3. Punch a circle from the purple words paper and glue to the center of the lid. Line the medium egg with dot paper and the top and bottom of the large egg. Glue a strip of purple circle paper at the center of the egg. Glue both eggs, overlapping to the center of the lid.
  4. Tie ribbon lengths to the handle, alternating the colors, pink, aqua and purple. Trim the tails to 1” long. Place Easter grass in the pail with treats.

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