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Shooting Star Bracelet — By: Katie Hacker


  • seven 6mm bicone red glass beads
  • four 12mm red/gold star shaped glass beads
  • four 10mm lengths of gold bead stringing wire
  • 2 gold crimp tubes (must be large enough for beading wire strands)
  • gold toggle clasp
  • crimping tool
  • wire cutters

Designer Tip: Katie created this whimsical shooting star bracelet using only two tools—a crimping tool and wire cutters. It’s perfect for a quick and easy project! 


Hold the four stringing wire strands together. Use a crimp tube to attach half of the toggle clasp to the wire ends. String a bead onto one wire, wrap the wire around the bead and insert it back through the bead in the same direction to hold the bead in place. String a star-shaped bead onto the next wire, so it’s about 1/4” from the red bead, then repeat the wrapping and rethreading step to hold it in place. String a bead onto the third wire so it’s 1/4” from the star and repeat the threading step. Repeat the process for the fourth wire, then begin again with the first wire, so all the beads appear evenly spaced. After all the beads have been strung, attach half of the toggle clasp at the wire ends.

Project reprinted from 30-Minute Beading.

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