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Magnetic Photo Frame Tag — By: Inkadinkado


  • Carved Flower rubber stamp
  • chalk inks: Pacific Horizon, Brushed Sage
  • three 3 1/8"x6 1/4" white tags
  • metallic gold embroidery floss
  • eight 3/6" wide silver eyelets
  • eyelet setting tools
  • two 8mm amber glass tube beads
  • two 3/4" wide circle magnets
  • wave pattern-edge scissors
  • fine grain sandpaper
  • stipple brush
  • foam sponge
  • X-acto® knife, cutting surface
  • glue stick
  • pencil
  • clear adhesive tape
  • 3" square photo
  • embossing heat tool

Designer Tip: This Magnetic Photo Frame Tag is a fabulous and artsy way to frame a cherished photo. They’re great for gifts—consider making one as a Mother’s Day present for Grandma.


  1. Randomly stipple one tag with blue ink. Sponge the edges with blue ink and heat set.
  2. Randomly stipple the second tag with green ink. Stamp a row of three Carved Flower images along the bottom edge and below the tag top hole. Cut along the inner edge of the stamped rows with the wave scissors. Sponge the scallop edge of the two pieces with blue ink and heat set.
  3. Align the Carved Flower piece with the tag hole onto the blue stippled tag hole, then attach an eyelet into each top corner to secure the pieces together. Layer the Carved Flower bottom piece onto the bottom edge of the blue stippled tag and attach an eyelet into each bottom corner to secure both tags together.
  4. Lightly pencil a 2" square window centered on the blue portion of the tag. Place the tag on a cutting surface and use the knife to cut out the window. Sponge the window edges with blue and green inks and heat set. Lightly sand random areas of the tag. Place the photo centered behind the window and secure it with tape.
  5. Stipple the remaining blank tag green. Sponge the tag edges with blue ink and heat set. Place the top of this tag behind the window tag bottom, so 3/4" extends beyond the bottom edge and glue in place so each end has a tag hole. Attach an eyelet near each corner of the window so all the pieces are secured together.
  6. Cut ten 7" lengths of gold floss. Hold five lengths together, thread them through one of the tag holes and pull the ends even. Slide a bead onto the floss next to the tag edge and glue in place. Repeat for the other tag hole. Glue a magnet at the top and bottom back of the tag.


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