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Stamped Gift Box — By: LeNae Gerig


  • round paper maché box (8" wide, 4" deep)
  • liquid acrylic sealer
  • pink acrylic paint
  • white acrylic paint
  • 1 1/2 yards of 5 1/2" wide white wire-edged tulle ribbon
  • floral foam stamp
  • foam brush
  • paper plate
  • paper towel
  • 26-gauge white wire
  • low temperature glue gun, glue sticks

Designer Tip: Give gifts in style! This easy-to-make gift box is a perfect way to give those upcoming wedding, bridal shower, and bridesmaid gifts (and we love it for baby shower and birthday gifts, too!). Paint the box as you see it here, or change the colors to match the colors of the event.


  1. Coat the paper maché box and lid with liquid acrylic sealer; let dry. Paint the box with white acrylic paint and paint the lid pink; let dry.
  2. Pour a small amount of pink paint onto the paper plate. Dip the foam stamp into the paint and blot the excess paint on the paper towel. Begin stamping the image around the white surface of the box, turning the stamp at different angles as you stamp; let dry. Apply liquid acrylic sealer to both the box and the lid.
  3. Use the tulle ribbon to create a puffy bow (see below for instructions) with a center loop, six 4" loops and 6" tails. Use a glue gun to glue the center of the bow to the top of the lid. Extend the bow tails around the edges of the lid, wrapping them around to secure on the underside.

Making a puffy bow:

Start by wrapping the ribbon around your thumb to create the center loop. Make a loop on the right side of your thumb, then twist the ribbon a half turn to keep the correct side showing and make a loop on the other side.

Continue making loops, all the same length, twisting the ribbon between each loop. To create the tails, bring the end of the ribbon up and hold it under the bow, creating a large loop under the bow. Insert the white wire through the center loop and twist the ends of the wire under the bow to secure all the loops in place. Finally, cut the large loop in half to create two tails, trimming the tails to the desired length.

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