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Ribbon Keepsake Box — By: LeNae Gerig


  • 1 yard of 1/4” wide white stitches on green ribbon
  • 1 1/2 yards of 3/8” wide pink and green striped satin ribbon
  • 3” x 3” x 1 1/2” paper maché box
  • 1/2” wide silver charms: “Dancing queen” crown with pink rhinestones, green shoe with pink rhinestone
  • lime green acrylic paint
  • 1/2” wide flat paintbrush
  • liquid acrylic sealer
  • low temperature glue gun, glue sticks

Designer Tip: LeNae covered this paper maché box with paint and ribbon, then embellished it with charms. This great gift package doubles as a keepsake box! (We’re guessing the recipient will admire it as much as the gift inside!)


  1. Apply sealer to the box inside and outside; let dry. Paint the box (not the lid) lime green inside and outside; let dry.
  2. Cut two 3 1/2” lengths from each ribbon. Wrap a striped length around two opposite sides of the lid (flush with the edge), with the ends extending around the corners. Glue the stitched ribbon along the bottom edges of the striped ribbon.
  3. Cut six 5” lengths from each ribbon. Glue alternating ribbons to the top edge of the lid so they align with the striped ribbon on the lid side. Wrap the ends around the lid to the inside and glue them in place. Place the lid on the box, then place the box on the remaining striped ribbon and pull the ends to the top and knot once. Slide a charm on each end up to the knot, then tie the ends into a shoestring bow. Trim each tail at an angle.

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