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Remember 1925 — By Tessa Bundy



  1. Cut a 2 5/8" x 3 3/4" cardstock rectangle to use as a template for cutting pieces to fit the compartments of the printer tray. Trim coordinating papers to line each compartment of tray. Decorate each piece before adhering to printer tray.
  2. Use the rectangle template to trim matching pieces of beige vellum and cream cardstock. Print or write journaling on vellum, attach to cardstock and ink edges brown. Attach portion of finished piece to corner of one compartment lining. Use X-acto® to trim along edges of lining, following line of edge to cut completely through two sides of journaling. You will end up with 4 segments of your journaling piece. Attach some or all of the remaining pieces to linings in adjoining compartments, lining them up with the first portion you attached.
  3. Decorate compartment linings with Dazzles™ spanning multiple compartments. For borders, attach portion of Dazzles™ border to edge of lining and trim off excess, which you will then attach matching up along the edge of the adjoining compartment lining. Line images (like the hands) with different patterned papers then foam tape or glue to lining. Attach images (like keys) directly to paper lining and embellish with ribbon. For the large clock, adhere to cream cardstock and cut out. Attach portion of image to corner of compartment lining and trim off excess. Reserve trimmings to add to other compartments. Adhere smaller clock on beige vellum and cut out. Attach to lining with mini brad at center. For another fun touch, line photo corners with cream cardstock and attach at corners of tray.
  4. Add some dimension to your project – use chipboard alphabet tiles lifted on foam tape to write out the date as the focal of your project, and add some fun touches like the brad-fastened keyholes, flowers, buttons and ribbon. Mat 1" strip patterned paper on brown cardstock and attach along tops of several compartments, wrapping one end to back of tray and attaching with Zots™. Recreate this effect in the background on some of your compartment linings.

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