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Bit of Beach — By Tessa Bundy



  1. Trim a 1" square from the palm beach tag. Insert between slides. Place tiny seashells in capsule, holding like a dish. Place memory glass over capsule, with image face down. Holding capsule in place, open frame and insert memory glass and capsule. Close frame and bend tab to secure.
  2. Using 3/4" circle punch, punch 3 circles of brown cardstock and 1 circle of periwinkle embossing metal. Attach pieces in layers with metal on top. Punch 1/16" hole at top. Sand the edges of the tag. Place a tiny sea star Dazzle™ at the center. Insert the key ring on the bottom of the frame through the hole at the top of the tag.
  3. Tie tiny knot of blue ribbon and Zot at the top of the tag. Trim ends into points by folding in half and snipping diagonally from center outward. Thread the pendant with beige gingham ribbon for the necklace.

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