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Bloom Birthday Pinwheel Card — By: Teresa Welch


  • Amazing Folded Cards DVD (link)
  • Cardmaker’s™ Earth’s Palette Creative Pack (link)
  • Blue Crinkled cardstock (link)
  • Gold Sparkles Holographic paper (link)
  • Bloom Dazzles™ Gold (link)
  • Medium Butterfly Punch & Emboss punches (link)
  • Chipped Sapphire Distress ink pad (link)
  • Foam tape (link)
  • Adhesive (link)


  1. For the card & inside: Trace and cut the square pinwheel pattern from cardstock and fold on the lines. Cut a 3¾"x3¾" Earth’s Palette yellow/blue floral paper, ink the edges and glue centered on the inside. Back the flowerpot in the large flowered frame Dazzles™ with Earth’s Palette dark blue paper and the two butterflies with sparkle paper. Place on Earth’s Palette medium blue paper and cut out. Glue to the center of the floral paper, then place “bloom” on it.
  2. Cut out “wishes” and glue as shown. Cut out “birthday,” mat on cardstock with 1/32" borders, then foam tape as shown. Punch and emboss three cardstock butterflies. Glue two butterflies to the frame, then place butterfly Dazzles™ on top as shown. Cut the left wings off the third butterfly, place a profile butterfly on it and glue to “wishes” as shown. Cut four ¼"x4" gold sparkle strips and four 1/8"x4" strips from the Dazzles™ base. Glue and place on the flaps, ¼" from the fold as shown.
  3. For the outside: Cut four flap patterns from Earth’s Palette yellow striped paper and ink the edges. Cut four ¼"x3½" gold sparkle strips and four 1/16"x3½" Dazzles™ base strips. Glue and place on the flaps, 3/8" from the long straight edge as shown. Glue a flap to each pinwheel flap, aligning the straight edge with the fold. Fold in the flaps, tucking the last flap under the first to secure.
  4. For the “belt”: Cut a 1"x9¼" cardstock strip and a ¾"x9" Earth’s Palette yellow/blue floral paper. Ink the paper’s edges and glue centered on the cardstock strip. On the right end, make a ½" cut down from the upper edge, ½" from the end. On the left end, make a ½" cut up from the lower edge, ½" from the end. Place the belt center on the card center and wrap the ends to the back. Secure by inserting the cut ends together.
  5. Place the small Dazzles™ frame on Earth’s Palette medium blue textured paper and cut out. Mat on cardstock with 1/32" borders. Back the flowerpot with Earth’s Palette dark blue paper, then place the flowers in the frame. Create an embossed butterfly and a profile butterfly as for the inside and glue as shown. Back a Dazzles™ butterfly with gold sparkle paper, cut out, and glue at the lower left. Glue to the belt center.

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