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Watermelon Box — LeNae Gerig


  • 7”x2 3/4” round red tin
  • liquid matte sealer
  • acrylic paints: Medium green, lime green and white
  • black dimensional paint
  • 3/4” wide red and white gingham ribbon
  • black ball and stick letter stickers
  • 3” wide round sponge
  • toothpick
  • tacky craft glue


Designer Tips: LeNae painted this tin to look just like everyone’s favorite summer fruit: Watermelon! Personalize this box with alphabet stickers to use as a recipe box, or to store or give your favorite summer goodies.


  1. Remove the lid from the tin. Use the sponge to apply sealer to the tin and the lid; let dry.
  2. After rinsing and drying the sponge, use it to apply medium green paint to the sides of the tin and the lid, leaving a 5” wide circle in the center of the lid; let dry.
  3. Replace the lid. After rinsing and drying the sponge, use it to apply lime green paint in 1” wide vertical stripes, 2” apart, extending from the bottom edge of the tin up onto the lid; let dry.
  4. For the seeds: Squeeze black dimensional paint into teardrop shapes along the outer edge of the red circle on the lid; let dry. Dip the toothpick into the white paint and press it onto each teardrop.
  5. Cut a 24” length of red and white gingham ribbon and wrap it around the box, just below the lid, overlapping the ends. Fold the visible end under and glue to secure. Add the letter stickers to the lid to personalize the tin.

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