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Lace Bundle with Streamers — LeNae Gerig


  • one 9” wide white tulle circle
  • one 9” wide white lace circle
  • 18” of 1/8” wide ivory satin ribbon
  • 18” of 1/4” wide ivory sheer ribbon
  • one 3/4” wide ivory clay flower with two 1” long leaves
  • eight yellow mints
  • low temperature glue gun and sticks



Layer the tulle circle on the lace circle. Place the candy in the center and gather up the edges. Holding both lengths of ribbon together as one, tie into a shoestring bow: Measure 6” from the ribbon end, then make a loop. Form a loop in the free end of the ribbon and push it through the center loop. Pull the loops in opposite directions to tighten, then adjust loops to 1 1/2” by pulling on the tail ends. Knot each tail 3/4” from the end, then glue the leaves and the rose to the center of the bow with glue gun.

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