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4th of July Lanterns — By: Ann Bernklau

Ann Bernklau

Designer Tip: It’s so easy to add bling to your projects-just use sparkly Dazzles™! For the party lanterns, a good tip is to trace two consecutive shapes instead of two separate shapes-that way you don’t have to glue them together twice. The way the ripples show on the lanterns depends on the direction you place the template on the paper-for the silver one I placed it diagonally on the paper. To glue all the tabs down, I used Zots™ adhesive dots, they’re great for the slick surfaces.


  • Holographic Ripple Papers: Red (link), Cobalt (link), Silver (link)
  • Red Holographic Fireworks Dazzles™ (link)
  • Silver Stars Jewel Dazzles™ (link)
  • Silver Round Mini Brads (link)
  • Mini Party Lanterns Template (link)
  • Zots™ adhesive dots (link)
  • 1/16” hole punch (link)


  1. Red Hexagonal lantern: Follow the template instructions to make a hexagonal lantern from red ripple paper. To glue the tabs down, use Zots™ adhesive dots. Punch 1/16” holes in the top on opposite sides. Use the template to cut a handle form blue ripple and punch a 1/16” hole in each end. Attach the handle to the holes in the top using silver mini brads. Embellish the sides of the hexagonal lantern with silver star Dazzles™.
  2. Silver Lucky Lantern: Make a lucky lantern from silver ripple paper, making the handle with red ripple. Embellish the sides of the lantern with red fireworks Dazzles™, trimming them if needed.
  3. Blue Celebration Lantern: Make a celebration lantern from blue ripple paper with a silver handle. Embellish the sides with red fireworks Dazzles™ and small silver stars Dazzles™.

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