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Pink Frosted cake — By: Ann Bernklau

Tip: Decorate your cake by “frosting” it with Liquid Pearls!


  • Mini Layered Cake Template (link)
  • Pearl Specialty Paper Set 1 (link)
  • White Opal Liquid Pearls (link)
  • White cardstock (link)
  • ¼” Ultra Tape (link)
  • Black inkpad (link)
  • Zots™ (link)


  1. Follow the instructions to make a cake base and topper from red pearl paper. Cut out 2 heart toppers.
  2. Use the liquid pearls to decorate the cake as shown, with dots, scallops, and hearts. Let dry.
  3. Outline each of the hearts with dots using the liquid pearls and let dry. Cut a paper clip leaving a hook of wire. Glue the hooked part to the back of one of the hearts with Tacky Glue, leaving the straight part of the wire going off the bottom of the heart. Sandwich the other heart on the first heart with foam tape. Let dry completely. Insert the heart into the top of the cake. If necessary, add some glue to the inside of the topper to secure in place.
  4. Write “Thank You” on a small piece of white cardstock and ink the edges with a black inkpad. Zots™ to the bottom of the cake as shown.

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