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Circle Trio Necklace Set — Katie Hacker

For the Necklace

  • 8mm round red faceted glass bead
  • 20mm two-hole gold circle bead
  • 12mm two-hole gold circle bead
  • 24mm gold beading hoop
  • 18" long gold snake necklace chain with lobster clasp
  • 10mm gold jump ring
  • super glue


  1. String the beading hoop through both holes on the small circle bead, then through one hole on the large circle bead. String the red bead onto the beading hoop, positioning the red bead inside the large circle bead, then run the hoop through the other hole on the large circle bead. Position both ends of the large beading hoop inside the red bead and place a drop of super glue on each side of the bead to hold it in place.
  2. Attach the jump ring to the large circle bead and string the jump ring onto the necklace chain

For the Earrings

  • two 8mm round red faceted glass beads
  • six 6mm gold jump rings
  • 2 gold head pins
  • 2 gold hinged ear wires


Designer Tips: Make this super-simple, elegant necklace and earring set as you see it here, or change the colors of beads or the type of metal to match your favorite outfit.


  1. Connect three jump rings to form a chain, attaching one of the rings on the end of the chain to an ear wire.
  2. String a red bead onto each head pin, then attach the head pin to the bottom jump ring with a wrapped loop (see below for instructions). Repeat for the second earring.

Creating a Wrapped Eye Loop
Grasp the wire 1” from one end with flat nose pliers. Bend back at a right angle, then use round nose pliers to grasp the wire 1/4” from the bend. Turn the pliers to form a loop­–the wire ends should be parallel.

Hold the loop with flat nose pliers–be sure the base of the loop is visible. Wrap the wire end 3-4 times in a tight coil below the loop. Trim the excess wire.

Project from The Need to Bead. Designer Katie Hacker packed 60 fabulous glass beading projects into this useful idea book. Complete with step-by-step, pre-tested instructions and color photos, this book is easy to follow and you’re sure to love the results!

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