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Family Photos sarabinder™ — By: LeNae Gerig


Designer Tips: LeNae's sweet sarabinder™ is the perfect place to store and organize all your digital photo CDs. Make it as you see it here, or change the papers and color scheme to match any personality!

For the Surface:

  1. Ink the spine of the binder black. Glue the green with daisies paper over the front of the binder, placing the edge of the paper just to the right of the spine. Open the binder and place the front surface face down on a cutting mat. Run a craft knife around the edges of the binder to trim the excess daisy paper even with the edges of the binder surface. Glue a 5/8" wide strip of green with stripes paper (stripes running horizontally) vertically over the right edge of the green with daisies paper, just to the right of the spine. Trim the excess striped paper even with the edges of the binder, then ink the edges of the binder black. Repeat all these steps to cover the back surface of the binder the same way you covered the front surface.
  2. Cover the inside front and back surfaces of the binder with green lines paper: Glue one sheet over each surface, place the binder face down on a cutting mat and trim the excess paper around the edges of the binder using a craft knife. Ink the edges black.
  3. Turn a jumbo slide mount on point and cover with green with stripes paper, stripes running vertically. Ink the edges of the slide mount. Computer journal the word "photos" onto white cardstock and accent with lavender chalk. Glue the journaling behind the slide mount, centering the word "photos" in the window, and trim any excess even with the edges of the slide mount. Add a series of three lavender mini brads down the top left edge of the slide mount, then glue the slide mount centered on the front surface of the binder.
  4. Computer journal "family" and the year onto white cardstock. Crop each separately to a small tag shape and ink the edges black. Glue the top of the tags overlapping over the bottom right edge of the slide mount. Knot a 3" length of lavender grosgrain ribbon and use a Glue Dot™ to secure the knot over the top of the tags.
  5. Wrap a length of lavender Finesse ribbon around the front surface of the binder, overlapping the seam between the striped paper and the daisy paper. Knot the ribbon on the front side of the binder to hold in place.

For the Inserts:
Use dividers and envelopes to keep your photo CDs organized. Dividers let you organize the binder into sections, and the envelopes are the perfect size for storing CDs! See below for ideas from LeNae's Family Photos sarabinder™, or come up with your own for a totally personalized look.

For the following inserts, you'll need the items listed above plus:

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