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Butterfly tag — By Susan Cobb



  1. Cut the following lengths of Memory Thread for the butterfly: 13 1/2" for the top wings; 10" for the bottom wings: 3" for the body: 6" for wrapping the body; 2 1/2" for the antennae.
  2. Fold the 13 1/2" length (for top wings) and the 10" length (bottom wings) each in half. Place the shorter length piece with the fold at the top on your work surface. Turn the longer piece so the fold is at the bottom, and interlock the two folded ends. The longer piece should be above the shorter one. Twist the top length of memory thread once, just above where the pieces are interlocked, then repeat for the bottom length. This will secure the pieces together.
  3. Fold the 3" length in half and twist the memory thread near the fold to form a small loop for the head. Place the piece so the loop is 1/4" above the interlocked area. Hold in place, while wrapping the "body". Trim ends evenly and press in place.
  4. For each wing, start close to the body and wrap the ends around the paintbrush handle (larger to smaller). Lightly press the coils down. Fold the 2 1/2" memory thread in half, thread through the loop (the head), then use your fingers to curl the ends of the antennae. Use foam tape and Zots™ to hold in place on the pink tag. Add cardstock, greetings sticker, ribbon, and crystals as shown.

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