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Night and Day candle — Designer: Ann Bernklau


  • Don’t overload the gold ink onto your stamp when stamping on tissue paper.
  • Make sure you have a craft sheet or scrap piece of paper underneath your tissue paper when stamping.
  • When heating with embossing tool, don’t heat too long or the candle wax will start melting and warping the candle surface.



  1. Stamp gold suns, moons, and a variety of stars onto a large piece of white tissue paper. Cut out the best sun and moon and 25-30 stars.
  2. Place your sun centered on the candle with the stamped side facing you. Tack the sun down lightly with a glue stick. Wrap wax paper around the candle and hold the ends tightly at the back so that the wax paper is taut around the design. Using a heat embossing tool, heat over the design until you can see the wax on the wax paper melt. Remove heat tool immediately and peel off wax paper. Your stamped image will have transferred to the candle and the white tissue paper will be invisible.
  3. Repeat this process with the moon on the other side of the candle and a variety of stars in between. Don’t worry if your tissue paper overlaps other pieces; they will all get melted together by the wax paper. Embellish your stamped candle with gold adhesive crystals.
  4. Wrap a 7 ½” length of burgundy ribbon around the base of the candle and secure with Zots™. Do the same with thin goldenrod grosgrain ribbon. Tie a piece of burgundy stitched ribbon in a bow and use a Zot adhesive dot to attach it to the burgundy ribbon on the sun side. Do the same with narrow goldenrod ribbon on the moon side.

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