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Wicker Basket — LeNae Gerig


  • 4” of 3/4” wide red/white checkered satin ribbon
  • 16” of 5/8” wide red grosgrain ribbon
  • 24” of 1/8” wide white stitches on red ribbon
  • 24” of 3/8” wide red/white red embossed ribbon
  • 16” of 3/8” wide red embossed ribbon
  • 24” of 3/8” wide red sheer ribbon with satin edges
  • 6”x4” white wicker basket with two 2” tall handles

Designer Tips: If you’re planning on putting together a gift basket for the holidays or another occasion, try decorating it yourself—LeNae wrapped ribbons through the openings in this basket for a festive touch.


Be sure to use a white wicker basket with openings along the ribbon into 8” lengths. Fold one length in half, insert the fold through the opening along the rim from the inside, pulling the loop through so 1/2” extends out from the basket. Hold onto the loop with one hand, insert the tails through the loop and pull them down tightly to secure. Repeat with each ribbon length evenly spaced around the basket rim. Trim the tails to 2” to 3”, then cut the ends of each set at an angle or in an inverted “V”.

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