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Sand Garden
romantic girlfriend journal


  • three 1” balls of stone-look polymer clay: brown, orange, green
  • rubber stamps: Inspire, Dream, Believe
  • brown pigment inkpad
  • three 2” rocks
  • stylus
  • oven parchment paper
  • baking surface: glass or ceramic dish

Designer Tips: Words of inspiration make a perfect decoration for your home or office. Slip them inside little organza gift bags or give them as Secret Santa surprises. They look pretty on display in a dish of sand, as Katie shows here—or tuck them among some flowers in a planter.


  1. Use your fingers to press each clay ball into a flat 2” circle. Place a rock in the center of each circle—this gives the stones a realistic weight. (If you’d prefer to not use rocks, use extra clay or a ball of aluminum foil in its place.)
  2. Wrap the edges of the clay around the rock. Use your fingers to smooth the seams and to give the surface texture. Pierce any air bubbles with the stylus, then smooth the clay with your fingers.
  3. Ink your word stamp with brown ink; stamp into each stone. Bake the stones according to the manufacturer’s instructions and let cool.

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