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Just for You stacked boxes — Designer: Ann Bernklau

Designer Tips: The resize option in the software allows you to make boxes of various sizes. The largest possible size is 3 ½” long x 2 ¼” wide x 1 1/8” tall.


  • Silhouette (link)
  • Tiny Flower Foil paper (link)
  • Foil Specialty Papers (link)
  • Light green paper
  • 5mm orange crystals (link)
  • Large Zots™ (link)
  • Sheer & Silky Ribbons (link)
  • Clear tape
  • Humungo Adhesive sheets (link)
  • Refer to the Silhouette User’s Manual for detailed instructions on how to use the software with the machine to cut out shapes.


  1. Cut out 3 boxes from the Tiny Flower Foil, making a large, medium, and small box. Assemble the boxes using pieces of Humungo adhesive to glue the flaps to the sides of the boxes. Fill the boxes with your gifts and stack them with the smallest on top, adhering them to each other with Zots™.
  2. Wrap 16” of sheer orange ribbon around the sides of the stack and tie in a knot at the top. Tape the ribbon in place with clear tape on the bottom of the stack so it won’t slip off. Wrap 18” of the same ribbon around the front and back of the stack and tie in a bow at the top. Trim ends as desired.
  3. Cut out the “Just for You” shape (Tag 1046) about 2” wide from light green paper. Use the Offset feature on the software to cut out a mat for the tag from orange foil specialty paper. Glue the tag onto the mat and add a 5mm orange crystal at the top. Use Zots™ to adhere the tag to the front of the stacked boxes.

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