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Happy New Year! card — By: Ann Bernklau

Ann Bernklau



  1. With the fold on the left, cover the card front with black cardstock. Cut out a 9 1/2" star from the Metallic Dots paper. Use an X-acto® knife to cut out the 7 1/4", 5 1/4", and 3 1/4" stars within the large star. Glue the largest star to the card and trim off the points so it is flush with the edges of the card.
  2. Cut out a 5 1/4" star from Holographic Stars and glue to the center of the card tilted to the left.
  3. Take the 5 1/4" Metallic Dots hollow star and back it with black cardstock. Write "Happy New Year!" on it with white gel pen. Glue the star to the center of the card.
  4. Create dot borders along the edges of the Metallic Dots stars using the dots on the template. On the outer star, make dashes between each dot.
  5. Inside the card: Cut out a 7 1/4" star from Metallic Dots and trim to fit inside card. Glue to the center. Cut out a 5 1/4" star from Holographic Stars and glue onto the Metallic Dots star. Cut out a 3 1/4" star from black cardstock. Write "Celebrate!" on it with white gel pen and glue to center.

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