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Steampunk Composition Book — By: Susan Cobb

Susan Cobb


  • Composition book (link)
  • Steampunk Paper Pack (link)
  • Steampunk Scrapbooking Dazzles™ (link)
  • Silver linen specialty paper (link)
  • Silver embossed foiled cut outs Put on your wings (link)
  • Gold lame Smooch (link)
  • X-acto pen knife (link)
  • Cutting mat (link)
  • Glue stick (link)


  1. Turn the Steampunk stripe paper so the stripes are vertical. Cut a 2”x12” strip off the top.
  2. Cover the back of the book with Steampunk stripe with the stripes going vertically.
  3. Glue the 2” strip along the binding of the front—the stripes will be horizontal. Trim the excess paper.
  4. Glue the Silver Linen to cover the front but allow 1/4” of the stripe to show. Susan spread glue on the cover, placed the Silver Linen paper, turned it over onto a cutting mat and used an X-acto knife to trim the Linen paper even with the book cover.
  5. Position the Steampunk mannequin paper along the silver paper as shown and tear. Glue to the silver.
  6. Place the Steampunk Scrapbooking Dazzles™ in this order: Dream along the curve with the bird above it. Chain at the top. Place the gear border along the back of the book. Place the corners then the hot air balloon. Add the others as shown.
  7. Place a bit of Smooch ink into the clock hands, the letters and some gears as shown.
  8. Cut out the words and glue in place.

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