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"Happy Birthday" Card — By: LeNae Gerig
“#12 Happy Birthday” — By Laura Nicholas
“"Celebrate" card” — By LeNae Gerig
“"Hoppy" Birthday — By Kyla Cesca and Kristen Normand
“Bad to the Bone Card” — By LeNae Gerig
“Bloom S-fold Card” — By Kyla Cesca, Kristen Normand
“Celebrate!” — By Paris Dukes
“Celebrate” — By Laura Nicholas
“Cinderella "Princess" card — By LeNae Gerig
“Dad: Priceless” — By Laura Nicholas
“Enjoy Your Trip!” — By Laura Nicholas
“Friends” — By LeNae Gerig
“Happy Anniversary” — By Shauna Berglund-Immel
“Happy Bday” — Shauna Berglund-Immel
“Happy Holidays” — By LeNae Gerig
“Happy Mother's Day!” — By Laura Nicholas
“Hope All Your Birthday Wishes Come True — By Susan Cobb
“I'm So Glad We're Friends” — By Susan Cobb
“Joy to the World” — By Susan Cobb
“Just a Note...” — By Laura Nicholas
“May your layers be many…” Birthday card — By: LeNae Gerig
“Merry Christmas” — By LeNae Gerig
“Merry Christmas” — By Susan Cobb
“Princess Party” — By LeNae Gerig
“Thank You Card” — By LeNae Gerig
“Thank You” — By LeNae Gerig
“Thanks Embossed Card” — By LeNae Gerig
“Thanks a Million!” — By Susan Cobb
“Thanks!” — By Laura Nicholas
“Thanks” — By LeNae Gerig
“XOXO” — By Susan Cobb
“You're 10 Today! — By Susan Cobb
"Butterfly Thank You" Card — By: LeNae Gerig
"Thinking of You" Stitched Dragonfly card — By: LeNae Gerig
'Tis the Season card — By: Ann Bernklau
A Warm Hello Card — By: Ann Bernklau
Best Wishes Card — By: Susan Cobb
Birthday Card — By: Tessa Bundy
Birthday Greetings Color Me™ Card — By: Susan Cobb
Birthday Joy — By: Susan Cobb
Birthday Star — By Susan Cobb
Birthday Wishes Card — By: Susan Cobb
Birthday Wishes Coin Envelope — By: Laura Nicholas
Boo Witch Card — By: Gail Booth
Bringing Holiday Cheer — By: Kyla Cesca
Butterfly Birthday Card — By: Ann Bernklau
Butterfly Card — By: Susan Cobb
Butterfly Wishes Card — By: Lodell Halvorson
Candy Holder — By: LeNae Gerig
Celebrate Card — By: LeNae Gerig
Christmas Ornament pop-up card — By: Ann Bernklau
Christmas Tree Pyramid Card — By: LeNae Gerig
Congrats — By LeNae Gerig
Cupcake Card — By: LeNae Gerig
Easter's on its Way! — By Susan Cobb
Embossed Tree Holiday Card — By: Teresa Welch
Fall Thankful Card — By: Teresa Welch
Farm Boy — By: Shauna Berglund-Immel
Father's Day Card — By: Ann Bernklau
Fireworks Celebrate Card — By: Teresa Welch
For You — By: Susan Cobb
Friends Photo Album — By: LeNae Gerig
Friendship — By: LeNae Gerig
Garden Window Card — By: LeNae Gerig
Get Well Soon Card — By: Lodell Halvorson
Gold Rose card — By: Ann Bernklau
Happy Anniversary Card — By: Susan Cobb
Happy Birthday — By: Paris Dukes
Happy Birthday Card — By: Susan Cobb
Happy Birthday Princess — By: Laura Nicholas
Happy Birthday card — By: Susan Cobb
Happy Birthday! — By: Laura Nicholas
Happy Father's Day! — By: Paris Dukes
Happy Father's Day — By: Ann Bernklau
Happy Holidays Cards — By: Paris Dukes
Happy Mother's Day! — By: Susan Cobb
Happy Mother's Day! — By: Susan Cobb
Hello — By: Susan Cobb
Hello There — By LeNae Gerig
I Love Paris Card — By: Lodell Halvorson
Ice Cream Cone Invitation — By: Laura Nicholas
Ice Cream Cone Pocket — By: LeNae Gerig
Just Because Card — By: Laura Nicholas
Just For You — By Laura Nicholas
Just a Note card — By: Ann Bernklau
Laser Snowflake Holiday Card — By: Teresa Welch
Let it snow! — By: Susan Cobb
Love Card — By: LeNae Gerig
Merci "Thank-You" Card — By: Susan Cobb
Merci — By: Paris Dukes
Merci Card — By: Susan Cobb
Notes Binder — By: Susan Cobb
Orange & Pink Thinking Of You Card — By: Teresa Welch
Orange Flower Birthday Card — By: Teresa Welch
Orange Squares Card — By: Sara Naumann
Penguin Fun Christmas Card — By: Teresa Welch
Pergamano Thank You Card — By: Ann Bernklau
Pick of the Bunch — By: LeNae Gerig
Purse Gift Card Holder — By: LeNae Gerig
Relaxing Birthday — By: Susan Cobb
Ribbon Thank You Card — By: LeNae Gerig
Ribbon-Trimmed Journal — By: Sara Naumann
Santa Suit — By Susan Cobb
Season’s Greetings — By: Ann Bernklau
Silver Cross Easter Card — By: Teresa Welch
Snowflake Greetings — By: Teresa Welch
Snowflake Window Card — By: Teresa Welch
Special Delivery Card — By: Lodell Halvorson
Special Wishes — By Laura Nicholas
Spinner Birthday — By Kyla Cesca and Kristen Normand
Spirit of the Season Poinsettia Card — By: Laura Nicholas
Spread Your Wings — By: Susan Cobb
St. Patrick's Day card — By: Ann Bernklau
Striped Spiral — By: LeNae Gerig
Summer Bday Card — By: LeNae Gerig
Teal Thoughts Of You Card — By: Teresa Welch
Thank You — By: LeNae Gerig
Thank You — By: Susan Cobb
Thanks — By: Shauna Berglund-Immel
Thanks! Card — By: Susan Cobb
Thanks — By: Susan Cobb
The Big Forty Card — By: Paris
Thinking of You — By Shauna Berglund-Immel
Thinking of You card — By: Susan Cobb
Thinking of you — By: Susan Cobb
Tinker Bell card & envelope — By: LeNae Gerig
Tiny Tag Booklet on a Christmas Tag — By: Teresa Welch
To My Teacher — By: Paris Dukes
Trick or Treat — By LeNae Gerig
True Friend Card — By: Laura Nicholas
Tweet Hearts Valentine — By: Teresa Welch
Warm Fuzzies Card — By: LeNae Gerig
Warm Winter Wishes card — By: LeNae Gerig
Websites sarabinder! — By: LeNae Gerig
Witch’s Hat Halloween Card — By: Teresa Welch
Wonders of the Season — By: Talia Sanderson
You Are So Thoughtful — By: LeNae Gerig
You're Sew Sweet Card — By: LeNae Gerig
You're Special — By: Susan Cobb
You're Sweet card — By: LeNae Gerig

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