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“Happy Bday” — Shauna Berglund-Immel

Designer Tip: Send special birthday greetings with Shauna's chic design! We love it for girlfriends, and the rich colors and distressed edges make this card perfect for masculine birthdays, too. Want to use it for another occasion? Simply change the stamped sentiment to use the card for any other event!


For the Card Front:

  1. Crop the card to a 5" square and place it with the fold on the left. Use the template to trace the File Curve Tab on the top right edge of the card front, placing the “fold” line against the card edge. Trim about 3/8" off the right side of the card front, cutting around the traced tab.
  2. Cover the card front with aqua textured paper. Glue a 3/4"-wide strip of aqua/brown striped paper (stripes running horizontally) even with the card fold. Ink the edges of the card front brown.
  3. Stamp “happy” in black on a blank brown dotted label. Add a mini brad to each end of the label and glue it to the top of the card front.
  4. Stamp “2”, “B”, “D” and “y” in black on ivory textured paper, crop individually and ink the edges of each brown. Mat the “B” on aqua textured paper, trim to 1/16" and ink the edges brown. Glue the “B” to a small brown tag cut-out and add a mini brad to the tab. Arrange the “B”, “D” and “y” across the bottom of the card front. Stamp a bracket on each side plus and asterisk and “@” between the letters to complete the word “bday”. Foam tape the “B” and the “y” and glue the “D” in place on the card front. Glue the “2” to the tab and stamp “you” to the right.
  5. Wrap lavender ribbon around the left side of the card front, tying the tails into a bow on the front of the card.

For the Card Inside:

  1. Cover the card inside with aqua/brown striped paper (stripes running horizontally) and ink the edges.
  2. Stamp “best” on a blank brown label cut-out and glue it to the top of the card inside. Stamp “wishes” on tan textured paper, crop the letters individually and ink the edges of each. Glue the letters at varying angles below “best”.

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