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Friends Photo Album — By: LeNae Gerig


  • 16” of 1 1/2” wide white dots on red satin ribbon with wire edges
  • 14” of 5/8” wide red grosgrain ribbon
  • 14” of 1 1/2” wide white grosgrain ribbon
  • 14” of 1/8” wide white stitches on red ribbon
  • 7” of 3/8” wide red/white double-faced satin ribbon
  • 7” of 5/8”wide red/gingham ribbon
  • 7” of 3/4” wide red/white check ribbon
  • Paper Pizazz® Tags Template
  • red and white cardstock
  • 5”x6 3/4” white photo album
  • 4” of white thread
  • 1/16” hole punch
  • fine point black pen
  • low temperature glue gun, glue sticks


  1. Cut a 7” length of the dots ribbon. Fold 1/2” under on each end then glue the ribbon to the outer binding of the album, folding the ends to the inside. With the remaining dots ribbon, make a shoestring bow with 1 1/2” loops and tails. Cut an inverted “V” into each tail, then set the bow aside.
  2. Cut the 14” ribbons in half. Wrap the red and white grosgrain ribbons alternating on the front cover, gluing the ends inside. Wrap the red/white check ribbon between the red and white grosgrains on the left side, then the gingham along the right edge, gluing the ends to the inside. Glue the stitches ribbons centered on the white grosgrain and the white side of the double-faced ribbon to the center red grosgrain. Cut a 4 7/8”x6 1/2” piece of white cardstock and glue it to the inside front cover to conceal the ribbon ends.
  3. 3. Use the template to cut an oval tag from white cardstock, mat it on red cardstock with a thin border, then punch a hole at one end. Write “My Friends” or another message on the tag, then tie the thread onto the tag and knot the ends. Glue the knot to the bow back, then glue the bow to the album cover.

Project reprinted from 102 Reasons for Ribbon.

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